What Does It Take To Start Building A Deck?

21 November 2018
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Folks interested in building decks often have questions about what will be required before they can get rolling on their projects. Constructing a deck can be a deceptively simple-looking task. In fact, attaching any structure to your house can present unique engineering challenges. You should take care of these four concerns as part of preparing for a job. Getting Permits The requirements for starting a deck vary quite a bit among jurisdictions. Read More 

When Should a Roof Be Replaced Rather Than Repaired?

18 October 2018
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Signs of leakage in your home's roof means that you either need to do a complete roof installation or repairs. But how can you determine whether you need to replace your roof or repair it? Many homeowners find this decision to be challenging. It is important to understand that there are a number of factors that you need to consider before making the decision. Some of these factors include: Signs of Water or Moisture Damage Read More 

What To Do If Part Of Your Roof Is Blown Off By A Storm

2 October 2018
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When a storm hits, the roof is the most exposed part of your house. It will have to bear the brunt of the water and the wind, and the wind can be especially destructive to roofs. There have been many examples in recent times when entire roofs were lifted off homes during storms. This means that if the wind only takes off some of your shingles, you might be very lucky. Read More 

Home Roof Problems Of Concern

11 September 2018
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Does stormy and cold weather make you depressed because your roof provides very little protection against it? A few things should be of concern if your roof is unable to fully protect the inside of the house from outside elements. For example, a damaged roof deck is commonly the problem when outside elements are able to get inside of a house. Deck problems usually develop when other aspects of the roof have been neglected for a long time. Read More 

2 Kinds Of Commercial Roofing

27 August 2018
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Large buildings with a lot of roof space tend to have flat or low slope roofs. There are a lot of reasons for that, including the fact that putting a high peaked roof on something like a something like a large warehouse or factory can be very difficult and require a lot more inner structure and support than would be feasible. A peaked roof could also be weaker than a flat roof. Read More