Is Now The Time To Remodel Your Roof?

15 May 2017
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A major renovation of your home should not be limited to just the interior. You also have to consider the exterior. For instance, your roofing could possibly need an update, which could potentially increase the value of your home. If you are thinking of remodeling your roof, here are a few questions to ask before tackling the project.  

What Is the Condition of Your Roof? 

A desire to remodel your roof does not necessarily translate to a need to do so. To determine if your roof is in need of remodeling, take the time to assess it. A professional assessment is best, but you can look for some key issues yourself to determine the condition of your roof.  

Remember to practice safety in assessing your roof. For instance, instead of climbing on the roof to visually inspect it, use a ladder to stand on and look onto the roof.  

During your assessment, you are not just considering whether or not the shingles are in poor condition, but you also need to think about factors such as the energy efficiency of the roof. If the roof is composed of a material that is not durable and that has a low energy-efficiency rating, remodeling the roof could mean a decrease in your energy costs and give you a longer lifespan for the roof.  

What Are the Local Building Codes? 

The local building codes play a major role in whether or not now is the best time for remodeling your roof. Since your roof was initially installed, changes to the building codes could mean that modifications to the roof might not be enough for it to be in compliance with the current standards. You will have to budget for the changes that need to be made to bring your roof up to code.  

Additionally, the modifications you want to make can be impacted by the building codes. For instance, if you want to install a new roof over the existing roof to save on the cost of the materials and installation, your local building codes might prevent you from doing this. As a result, you would have to pay to have the existing roofing removed before the new roof can be installed.  

To get a further assessment of your roofing remodeling plans, talk to a contractor. He or she can not only help with identifying questions that could come up with the project, but also provide answers so you can make a decision about your remodeled roof. Check out websites like for additional information.