Reasons That You Should Hire Professional Roofers For Your Next Roofing Job

8 June 2017
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When your asphalt shingle roof begins to show signs of wear, it's a good idea to start thinking about its replacement. Some homeowners may think about doing the work themselves. Even if you don't know much about roofing, the reality is that this job isn't overly difficult. You'll need to pull up the old shingles by lifting the nails, and then secure the new shingles in place. Before you get too serious about taking a do-it-yourself approach to this project, however, it's worthwhile to think about stepping aside and letting a professional do the work for you. Here are some reasons that you should strongly consider hiring a roofing contractor, like Odyssey Contracting.

The Job Will Get Done Faster

Not only are professionals faster than you would be because of their experience, but they also have the right tools for the job. You may not own the necessary tools to remove your shingles and put new ones in their place, which can make the job take longer than you might wish. Roofing is a physically demanding task, and if you're spending way longer on the job than you anticipated, it's almost certain that you'd wish you'd have hired a professional.

It's Not Pleasant Work

While you might be loaded with energy at the start of the project, you'll soon find that roofing isn't pleasant work for the average homeowner. Your lower body can get extremely tired because you're constantly fighting against the slope of your roof. Additionally, there's no shade on your roof — on a hot day, the working conditions can be extremely miserable for the inexperienced person. Aside from these factors, there's always an element of danger when you're working on the roof. If you're not overly comfortable with heights, you'll likely soon regret deciding to do the work yourself once you get up onto your roof.

You Can't Risk A Poor Job

Even if you take the time to research how to complete this project, you can count on a professional doing the job better than you. You can't risk having a substandard job, given the importance of the roof. If you make a mistake such as not overlapping some shingles enough, water can get under them. When water is allowed to seep beneath the asphalt shingles, it will begin to cause your plywood sheathing to rot — and this can cause water damage in your attic and beyond. When a professional is on the job, you'll feel better about the task being done right.