4 Steps To Preparing Your Roof For Winter Weather

18 July 2017
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Before the winter season begins, there are many things you need to prepare for. You need to prepare your car to drive through the snow and ice, your plumbing to handle the freezing temperatures, and even your wardrobe to ensure that when you go out, you are going to be warm and cozy. You also need to prepare your roof. Here are four steps to take in order to do this:

  1. Do a Visual Roof Inspection: Simply walking around your home, you should be able to spot minor problems on your roof. This includes cracks in the gutters, loose gutters, loose flashings, and missing shingles. It's important to fix these problems right away. Many of these you can do on your own if you are comfortable getting on top of your roof and have the right safety equipment. With these little things fixed, they will prevent major problems from occurring in the winter, such as leaks. 
  2. Schedule a Professional Inspection: After your own visual inspection, if you did not notice anything or you made repairs on your own, you should then go ahead and schedule a professional inspection. Since the winter season is rough on the roof, it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion. Professionals can spot things that you may not have noticed. 
  3. Clean the Gutters: An important step after gutter repairs are made if they are needed is to clean your gutters. This way, when the winter storms hit, the water on the roof of your home is going to be dragged away from your home without any problems. If there is too much dirt buildup in the gutters, it can lead to pooling water, which can damage the gutters and lead to water damage from leaks. Cleaning your gutters can be done on your own, but you should definitely consider hiring professionals if you do not have the proper safety equipment, such as gloves, a ladder, and someone to spot you from down below. 
  4. Fix Leaks Right Away: Leaks can happen at any time. If you notice a leak on the roof before or during the winter season, you want to have it fixed right away. It doesn't help just to make a temporary fix. Hire the professionals so that your roof can better withstand the harsh weather conditions of the season. 

When you follow these four steps to prepare your roof for winter, you can be sure that the roof over your head is always doing what it's supposed to, which is to protect you and your family. Contact a roofing contractor for more information and assistance.