5 Ways to Help Your Roof Last Longer

24 July 2017
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Taking care of your home is sure to be the way to maintain the value of it. There are many things you will need to do as a homeowner and one of these involves keeping your roof in good shape. Replacing a roof can be expensive, but knowing the following tips may increase the longevity of your roof while ensuring you don't pay too much for a sturdy roof.

Keep the gutters clean

If you have gutters on the outside of your home, you will want to keep these clean at all times. Taking time to remove debris and leaves can be the key to a longer lasting roof for any homeowner to enjoy each day.

Not caring for your gutters properly can translate to damage to your roof that will need to be repaired and could be costly in the process. 

Do an inspection

One way to fix issues before these become too significant when it comes to your roof is by doing a thorough inspection of it. You should get a ladder and walk on this part of your home to look for any damage.

Of course, you will want to practice safety and have a friend with you when doing this in the case of an accident.

Look for tree limbs

It's possible that limbs may fall on your home during severe weather, such as ice storms or damaging winds. These could puncture your roof, and this may lead to extensive issues down the road.

Be sure to remove any tree limbs to ensure your roof stays in the best possible shape over the long-term.

Check out noise

If you hear a loud noise suddenly, you will want to take the time to check if there is any damage to your roof. This could be an indication that some of the roofing material has gotten out of place or that something has fallen on your roof that should be removed.

Remove ice

Living in a climate that has a lot of snow or ice can be dangerous to your roof and prevent it from lasting as long as possible. Take time to remove any ice that may form on this part of your home.

Ensuring your roof stands the test of time will require some work on your part. Be proactive in allowing this to happen and contact a roofing company like Earl Hayes Roofing & Remodeling if you need any assistance.