How To Design A Ranch House With A Texas Theme

7 September 2017
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Have you traveled in Texas? Perhaps you have seen this great state depicted in movie or on television shows. For whatever reason you have decided to design a ranch house with a Texas theme, from the wall materials to the roof installation, here are some ideas that might help you to design something you and your family will enjoy for many years.

The Outside Wall Materials

Of course, you can choose just one material for the walls of your ranch house, but consider selecting materials that complement each other to add extra interest to your Texas themed home.

For example, consider using both brick and stucco. Picture tan stucco with terra cotta colored brick around the windows, the front door and even around the base of the house and the middle of the house.

Another idea is to add decorative tile to the facade of the house. Use it in strategic spots, like to form an archway over your windows. Use the same tiles for your house address numerals. And, of course, find the perfect place to add a Texas star to the front of your house to give it pizzazz.

The Roofing Materials

You basically have three choices to give your ranch house a Texas theme.

Shingles are a good choice because they're inexpensive. Select a color that complements the materials you have chosen for your outside walls. For example, if you have selected terra cotta bricks for accents, think of selecting terra cotta colored shingles. This may add a bit of a Tex-Mex look to your ranch house.

A tile roof would be very appropriate, and it would last forever and a day. However, plan to spend more money if you select a tile roof. 

Probably the best choice for a ranch house with a Texas theme would be to select a metal roof. Besides being really attractive, new designs on metal roofs hide things like dents that occur when it hails. Metal roofs are more expensive than shingle ones, and less expensive than tile ones. They're great at repelling the rays of the sun and, like tile roofs, metal roofs have a very long life. Talk to a roofing contractor from companies like Leon Construction for more information.

Don't forget extras that will add flavor to your ranch house. For example, consider adding a fence made of rustic wood to complete the Texas look of your ranch house. An iron fence would be great, too, especially if you add a Texas star to the main gate.