Roofing Problems That Don't Call For A Replacement

18 January 2018
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Replacing a roof is an expensive project, which is why some homeowners fear consulting roofing contractors when they have roofing issues. These homeowners fear the dreaded "needs to be replaced" news from the contractors. That shouldn't be your fear, however, because there are a lot of roof damages that don't call for a replacement, such as these:

Missing or Damaged Shingles

The shingles are the most visible part of the roof, so it makes sense that most homeowners panic when their roofing shingles get damaged or fly off the roof. However, unless the damage is widespread all over the roof, you don't have to replace the roof. This is even truer if the damage is accident related. The only time you may need to replace your roof due to missing or damaged shingles is if the damage has affected more than half the roof and it is an old roof. In such a case, the damage may be a sign that your roof has reached the end of its useful life. Otherwise, getting a spare box of shingles to replace the damaged or missing ones will do the trick.

Damaged or Missing Flashing

Roof flashing is a material, usually made from metal, which is used to protect roof joints. If you look keenly at your roof, you will see some pieces of metal in the valleys, ridges, and around chimneys – these are the roof flashing. Flashing is used to prevent leaks in these areas because they are the most vulnerable parts of the roof. Although flashing is critical to the roof's integrity, they only form a small section of the roof. Moreover, they are more exposed to weather or accidental damage than other parts of the roof. Therefore, just because the flashing is damaged doesn't mean that your roof is toast and you need to replace it. Roofing contractors replace damaged flashing all the time, thereby saving and prolonging the lives of the roofs.

Damaged Soffit

The soffit refers to the roofing material that bridges the gap between the siding and the roofline; that is, it forms a ceiling on the exterior roof of the house. As you can imagine, this part of the house is susceptible to weather damage because it is exposed to different weather elements and even pests. Therefore, damage to the soffit doesn't mean that the entire roof is about to crash; in most cases, soffit damage doesn't extend to the rest of the roof so it doesn't call for roof replacement.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are some of the most common and worrisome roof damages. It can be caused by many things, including advanced roof age, ice dams, poor installation of shingles, poor ventilation, and many others. Therefore, water leaks don't automatically mean that the entire roof is damaged and need to be replaced. You need to diagnose the cause of the leaks first because some causes of leaks can be fixed without expensive roof replacement.

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