What You Can Do To Prevent And Eliminate Moldy Shingles

8 February 2018
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Have you noticed streaks on your asphalt shingles that are a green or black color?  These streaks are most likely mold.  If left ignored, it can potentially cause damage that will result in premature decay of the roofing materials.  You should act fast to remove the mold, then take steps to prevent mold growth from reoccurring.

Mold Removal

One product that is great at removing mold is bleach.  However, you can't just apply bleach directly to a roof, since you need to take some steps to protect your roof and the ground that surrounds your home.

Start by using water to spray down the plants that surround your home, then cover them with a tarp.  This will prevent any chemicals from coming into contact with the plants, and if they do come in contact by accident, the water will help prevent the plants from becoming damaged.

Next, you should fill up a bucket with some water and add a very small amount of bleach.  Just a couple capfulls will do the trick.  You can dip a mop into the cleaning solution, then use it to wash off the mold. Follow it up by spraying down the roof with a garden hose to remove the loose mold. 

Mold Prevention

Mold will thrive in an area that has shade and is moist.  You'll want to take steps to trim back nearby trees that have limbs hanging over the roof. This can create a lot of shade that gives mold the perfect environment for growth during the day.

You should also keep the roof clear of any debris. Leaves can not only create shade underneath the debris, but trap moisture as well. It creates a perfect environment for mold growth. Thankfully, this is easy to remove on your own when you notice an area where leaves have collected.

Another technique to stop mold growth is to install a metal roof cap.  These caps are placed on the peak of your roof, and cause small amounts of zinc to wash over the surface of the roof when it rains.  Mold does not react favorably to zinc, and since mold needs moisture to grow, the roof cap releases enough zinc in the rainwater to ensure that mold growth won't be an issue.

If you need help removing mold, preventing future growth, or repairing damage that has been caused by neglect, contact a local roofing contractor at companies like Queston Construction Inc for assistance.