Have A Discolored And Dirty Roof? What To Know Fast

23 February 2018
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Are you starting to see some discoloration, maybe mold, and other debris all over the top of your roof? If so, it may be time to get a roofing company to the property. Even after just 10 years some roofing systems can have problems, and the older the roof is the more likely there are concerns. Here are the things that you want to schedule, and things that you should consider to see what condition the roof is in.

Start with a Cleaning

The professionals can pressure wash and carefully clean the roof so they don't damage any of the shingles. This way they can remove the layers of dirt, sap, grains from worn shingles, bird or rodent waste, and any other items that could be on the roof. Once the roof is clean it could look entirely different, and it could even look new again. You also want to have the gutters cleaned as well.

Get an Inspection

Once the roof is clean the roofing company can do a full inspection to determine the condition of the roofing system. They will look at the following:

  • condition of the shingles
  • water leaks
  • pest problems
  • impact damage
  • ventilation problems

Once the inspection is completed you can see if your roof should still last longer, or if it's time to upgrade to a different roofing material, or a new roof.

Ask about Insulation Upgrades

Sometimes new insulation throughout the base of the roof and the ceiling of that attic can make a big difference with ventilation concerns and to prevent leaks. Get an estimate and talk with the roofing company about getting spray foam insulation throughout the roof, to improve the roofing structure and other things.

Consider More Efficient Options

If the roof is very worn and damaged, you may want to consider to new shingles. Ask about metal panel roofing options, which are durable, very efficient, easy to install, and a great roofing option for the home.

There are a lot of different problems that could be causing your roof to look discolored. It may be something as simple as you need to have it cleaned properly, or it may be something more serious like you have a water problem and all of the base has been compromised by mold. Talk with the residential roofing company to get your inspection and appointment scheduled, so you can get to the bottom of the problem quickly.