Fiber Cement Roofing

18 April 2018
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Fiber cement probably isn't the first material you think of when it comes to exterior roofs and siding. In the past, fiber cement was generally used as a backing material in general construction. That is, it has many structural uses because it is durable, lightweight, and easy to work with. However, it is now becoming more common as an exterior material. For instance, it is an extremely popular modular roofing material. This article explains why fiber cement is so ideal for exterior residential roofing.

What is Fiber Cement?

Fiber cement looks very much like real cement. Most importantly, it is much lighter, which enables it to be used as a roofing material. It can be attached securely on to pretty much any deck or backing material. Most fiber cement roofing products are just a traditional gray color. However, dyed cement is becoming more popular. That is, the concrete is infused with colored glue and epoxy that gives it a nice, subtle tone.

There is a widening array of colors available in dyed fiber cement. But, even if you just get a traditional, gray color, you still have a lot of flexibility with color because it is a very easy surface to paint and repaint. Fiber cement can't be painted with pretty much any traditional exterior paint.

Fiber Cement Styles

Some people imagine that fiber cement is going to create an ultra modern, cold, and industrial look. However, fiber cement is made in a range of different styles and shapes. Of course, large sheets are the cheapest and most plain looking. But, there are also panels, shingles, shakes, and pretty much every style that you can find in a more traditional roofing material. These different shapes can create unique patterns and textures on your wall, giving them a little more of a defined style.

Fiber Cement is Energy Efficient

Fiber cement is also a great insulator. It usually about the same thickness as ceramic or vinyl, but it is dense and does not transfer heat quickly. A layer of fiber cement on your roof deck is going to protect your home from the outside air, and slow down heat transfer. Fiber cement can make it much easier to control the temperature is inside your home, without being overly reliant on your heaters and air conditioners.

Fiber cement is a popular roofing and siding material, and it is easy to see why some many people love it. For more information, contact your local roofing contractors today.