Is Metal Roofing Right For You? 3 Benefits You'll Want To Embrace

26 June 2018
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The roofing material industry has undergone some important changes over the past few years aimed at making their products a better value for consumers One of the most notable of these improvements is the positive changes to metal roofing products, which are now available in dozens more colors and styles than ever before.

But today's metal roofing products have much more to offer than just a beautiful appearance, and homeowners are beginning to take notice. If you are planning to install a new roof on your home and unsure of whether metal roofing is right for your needs, the following list of benefits offers convincing proof. 

Metal Roofing is Fire Resistant

On a single day during last year's fire season, September 14th, 2017 to be exact, nearly 2 million acres of land in the United States was actively burning due to wildfires. When these large, fast-moving fires erupt, homes often become casualties, sometimes due to blowing embers that land on rooftops and cause them to catch fire. Homeowners who live in areas prone to wildfire may want to consider metal roofing for their home as a way to help fortify it against the threat of wildfire. 

Metal Roofing is Energy Efficient

Homeowners who seek out ways to make their homes more efficient are not only doing their part to reduce their burden on the earth's finite resources, they are also helping their family enjoy a comfortable home with reduced heating and cooling costs. Metal roofing can be an important component in any homeowner's plan for a more efficient home because of its ability to reduce heat gain and better reflect the rays of the sun. In fact, metal roofing is so energy efficient that a government tax credit is available for the purchase of metal roofing. 

Metal Roofing is Durable and Recyclable

Another important benefit made possible by choosing metal roofing instead of shingles or other roofing materials is the extended lifespan it can offer. Although the industry is relatively young, experts believe that high-quality metal roofing products may last for decades longer than most other types of roofing materials. This means that middle-aged homeowners who choose metal roofing may never again be faced with the need or expense of replacing the roof of their home.  

In addition, metal roofing is unique in its ability to be completely recycled and made into new roofing or other metal objects, once it is no longer being used to roof your home. To learn more about metal roofing and discuss how it compares to other roofing materials, homeowners should contact a reputable roofing contractor, such as one found through