Signs You Need To Have Your Roof Inspected

15 July 2018
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Your roof is one of the most important part of your home's structure. If your roof fails, your entire home's foundation is compromised. Here are signs you need to have your roof inspected.

Branches on the roof

If a recent storm has left branches on your roof, then call a roofer to inspect the surface to see if any lasting damage has been caused. You especially need to call a roofer if the branches on your roof are large or cover a large area of space on top of your home.

Stains on your home's siding

Stains on your home's siding may actually be water stains from a leaking roof. Or, stains can be caused by dripping or clogged gutters (another roofing issue that should be addressed). Locate where the stains are on the side of your home and check your attic as well -- water stains in your attic are a sure sign your roof is in trouble.

You may also notice water stains inside your home, such as along your walls or in the corners of ceilings. Water stains mean that water is damaging the architectural foundation of your home, so call your roofer right away.

Roofing material on the ground

Do you see a shingle on the ground here and there, especially after a storm or a windy day? Is a whole metal panel hanging off your roof or lying on the ground? Any roofing material on the ground means your roof is in need of repairs and ignoring roofing repairs now can mean costly replacement in the future.

Sagging or tilting in your roof

You aren't seeing things if it looks like your roof is tilting or sagging. You can tell if your roof is in disarray by comparing its distance from your main windows and doors. A sagging roof usually begins to fail in the center where the most pressure lies. A sagging roof can cave or create structural problems in the home, so have your roof inspected.

Never go on your roof yourself to see how bad roofing damage is. You risk injuring yourself, your gutter system, or making any existing roofing concerns worse. Your roofer will climb on your roof or do a visual inspection from the ground to determine what repairs need to be done. If your roof is in very bad condition, the entire roof may need to be replaced, which is something your roofing contractor will give you an estimate for.