Tips For Sealing A Leaking Flat Roof On Your Home

28 July 2018
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If your home has a flat roof and it has started to leak, then these tips will help you seal it like a professional roofer:

Tip: Start with a Clean and Dry Roof Surface

Before you can start sealing your damaged flat roof, first, you need to clean it off. Any dirt, mildew, or moss on the surface must be removed.

The best way to accomplish this is to scrape problem areas with an inexpensive paint scraper and then sweep the roof using a stiff brush.

Tip: Paint a Layer of Bitumen Primer on the Roof

Once the roof is clean and the sun is shining bright, then you can start the process of sealing it. The first step is to paint on a layer of bitumen primer over the entire roof surface. 

To save your back, use a standard paint roller with an extension handle to spread the primer. Pour out a dinner plate size puddle and then use the roller to spread it out. Your goal is a thin layer of primer that covers everywhere but isn't too thick because primer that's too thick will take days to dry.

Tip: Place Glass Fiber Screen Onto the Primer-Coated Roof

When the primer is barely tacky to touch, roll out glass fiber screen to cover the roof. Attach the screen on one end using roofing nails and let it roll back up onto itself.  

Tip: Apply a Solvent-Based Bitumen Roof Sealant

To finish sealing the flat roof, you need to put down a layer of bitumen roof sealant, then put down the glass fiber screen, and finally, coat the whole thing again with sealant. 

Using a paint stirring stick, stir up the bitumen roof sealant until all of the liquids and solids have mixed together into a consistent mixture. 

To apply the sealant to the roof, the best thing you can use is a natural fiber push broom. Push brooms are inexpensive, and if you want it to fit directly into the can of sealant, then you can easily cut off one end.  

Dump a small pile of sealant on the primed roof, brush it around in a thin layer, and then spread the pre-cut screen over the top. With the screen in place, coat it again with a thin layer of bitumen sealant.

Finally, if you see any areas that aren't well covered, then brush more sealant over them. Stop when the roof has a uniform look.

Contact professional roof damage repair services for more information.