What To Do If Part Of Your Roof Is Blown Off By A Storm

2 October 2018
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When a storm hits, the roof is the most exposed part of your house. It will have to bear the brunt of the water and the wind, and the wind can be especially destructive to roofs.

There have been many examples in recent times when entire roofs were lifted off homes during storms. This means that if the wind only takes off some of your shingles, you might be very lucky. However, once this happens, you have to take certain measures before the next weather event.

Replace the Missing Parts

If all you lost were a few shingles, this is a situation that can be fixed with a few repairs and replacement. The ideal solution is to carry out the repairs immediately because even a small hole in the roof can easily get worse with time.

Shingle replacement is relatively straightforward, and you can handle this on your own if you can handle a pry-bar and a hammer. You should also replace shingles that are partly damaged for good measure, because half a shingle won't do your roof much good.

Check for Loose Parts

A storm that is strong enough to blow off part of your roof is strong enough to loosen other shingles as well. If there are shingles, bolts, or fittings that have become loose due to one storm, the next storm that hits can rip these off as well, causing more extensive damage.

Inspect your roof to ensure that nothing else was loosened by the wind. If there is anything loose, replace the fasteners and do whatever else is necessary to secure that part as quickly as possible.

Consider Replacing the Whole Roof

Although repairing your roof is a good option to have, it may not be an option if the damage done by the storm is significant. If, for example, more than 30 percent of the shingles were blown off or cracked by the storm, the cost of doing repairs and only replacing the missing shingles can be quite high. If the roof is relatively old and due for replacement in a few years anyway, it might just make more sense to do the replacement now.

Find an Experienced Roofer

Whether you're doing repairs or replacing the roof, bring in an experienced residential roofing services professional to help with the assessment or do the repairs. Only an experienced roofing contractor will be able to properly assess the level of damage caused and make the right recommendations.