Tips For Sealing A Leaking Flat Roof On Your Home

28 July 2018
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If your home has a flat roof and it has started to leak, then these tips will help you seal it like a professional roofer: Tip: Start with a Clean and Dry Roof Surface Before you can start sealing your damaged flat roof, first, you need to clean it off. Any dirt, mildew, or moss on the surface must be removed. The best way to accomplish this is to scrape problem areas with an inexpensive paint scraper and then sweep the roof using a stiff brush. Read More 

Signs You Need To Have Your Roof Inspected

15 July 2018
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Your roof is one of the most important part of your home's structure. If your roof fails, your entire home's foundation is compromised. Here are signs you need to have your roof inspected. Branches on the roof If a recent storm has left branches on your roof, then call a roofer to inspect the surface to see if any lasting damage has been caused. You especially need to call a roofer if the branches on your roof are large or cover a large area of space on top of your home. Read More 

Is Metal Roofing Right For You? 3 Benefits You’ll Want To Embrace

26 June 2018
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The roofing material industry has undergone some important changes over the past few years aimed at making their products a better value for consumers One of the most notable of these improvements is the positive changes to metal roofing products, which are now available in dozens more colors and styles than ever before. But today's metal roofing products have much more to offer than just a beautiful appearance, and homeowners are beginning to take notice. Read More 

Your Gutters And The Spring Woodpecker Migration

31 May 2018
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As a homeowner, the last thing you probably expect to experience is problems with woodpeckers and your gutters. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence, and understanding why it happens and what you can do about it may just save your sanity. After all, the sound of a woodpecker banging on your gutters is likely to carry throughout your entire house, so the sooner you can address it, the better. Here's what you need to know about protecting your gutters from woodpecker damage and noise. Read More 

4 Tips To Deal With Roof Damage After Storms To Stop Leaks And Water

16 May 2018
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When a storm causes damage to your roof, your home becomes vulnerable to water damage from leaks. Dealing with the damage quickly after the storm will prevent leaks and damage while you are waiting for help with roof repairs. You may want to patch leaks or install tarps depending on the severity of the damage. If there are hazards like trees or utility lines, they are also going to need to be addressed. Read More