What You Can Do To Prevent And Eliminate Moldy Shingles

8 February 2018
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Have you noticed streaks on your asphalt shingles that are a green or black color?  These streaks are most likely mold.  If left ignored, it can potentially cause damage that will result in premature decay of the roofing materials.  You should act fast to remove the mold, then take steps to prevent mold growth from reoccurring. Mold Removal One product that is great at removing mold is bleach.  However, you can't just apply bleach directly to a roof, since you need to take some steps to protect your roof and the ground that surrounds your home. Read More 

Flat Roofs Were Trendy. Now Here’s What’s Hot In Commercial Roofing

26 January 2018
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When it comes to commercial roofing, flat roofs have been trending for some time, and they are still trending. But attention has shifted to other concerns as well. If you are looking at shingle roof replacement and wondering what to replace it with, consider these factors in your new roofing system. Durability Commercial building owners are primarily concerned about the durability of their roofs, much more than the initial installation cost. Read More 

Roofing Problems That Don’t Call For A Replacement

18 January 2018
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Replacing a roof is an expensive project, which is why some homeowners fear consulting roofing contractors when they have roofing issues. These homeowners fear the dreaded "needs to be replaced" news from the contractors. That shouldn't be your fear, however, because there are a lot of roof damages that don't call for a replacement, such as these: Missing or Damaged Shingles The shingles are the most visible part of the roof, so it makes sense that most homeowners panic when their roofing shingles get damaged or fly off the roof. Read More